Ombre Hair Help Tutorial

ombre hair

Hey girls girls girls, yes you women, I am going to tell you exactly how I achieved my Ombre hair.

I couldn’t be more excited than I am, I have wanted to Ombre my hair for a while now and the reason I haven’t is because I wear hair extensions. I do have hair extensions in right now, I just picked up a new set chestnut brown, close to my hair color. They seem a lot longer than my normal hair extensions. So I went to the store grabbed the lightest brown hair color that I could find and I really just hoped that when I dyed my Ombre hair it matched, and it did!

One key that you should not overlook is that you need to get the Best Hair Dye in order to get the Best Hair Color. I tend to use Loreal because I have women’s hair and they seem to provide hair colors that match the best for me. Make sure you get the Right Brown Hair Color as this is important!

Hair dye can be tedious but it is well worth it and if you get Ombre hair yourself you won’t have to pay money at the salon.I never really get roots when I use hair dye for some reason, my roots always grow back to the same color. My roots always blend in so I have to darken my roots to start.
So first you want to darken your roots like I did. Make sure you get a Ombre hair blending brush or a tooth brush to blend the colors in. Make sure you also use a t shirt that you don’t care about.

  • First brush through your hair. Then get ready to use your dying hair products.
  • Then section off your hair, part the middle and behind your ears.
  • Clip up the bottom part we aren’t dying hair at the start.
  • Then let it all down, go about three inches down with your hair color.
  • Work the hair dye right into your roots and spread it down. You can start about two inches down to start and then comb the hair color down deeper.
  • Use toothbrush to paint on the bleach (hair products) at the bottom of your hair color, you don’t have to be perfect here.
  • Do it section by section and a little more bleach on the ends because you want this to be the lightest part of your Ombre hair. Make sure you go up the same height on both sides of your head, obvious with Ombre hair.
  • You can start to see your Ombre hair get lighter at this point.

There you have it a quick how to get Ombre hair tutorial!

One thought on “Ombre Hair Help Tutorial

  1. i have recently ombre’d my hair and i was just wondering did you die any of your extensions at all?
    my ombre goes from medium brown to quite light honey blonde but i was just wondering if the whole extension piece was honey blonde would i need to die the roots of the extension brown? any tips?
    Thanks your blog was alot of help to me :)

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