kat graham black hair

Kat Graham Sports Ombre Hair Do

Does anybody here not know who Kat Graham is? Well, you should know her! She is currently one of the hottest actors in the industry and you definitely will be seeing a lot of her in the coming years with her kind of talent. And this hot young actress sure has made things even hotter by sporting around ombre hair.

Kat Graham had been sporting long black hair that has been the envy of a lot of people. Her hair was something to look up to and she could easily style it and work it out if she wanted to. But now, she decided that things would have to change. And so she has chosen to go with a different look for her hair. In fact, I was totally surprised to see her having a new do. And ombre hair at that! I didn’t even recognize her!

So this pretty young thing has gotten from this:

kat graham black hair


To become this:

kat graham ombre hair


Nice, right? She is totally rocking it!

This 22-year-old actress is known for her stint in the Vampire Diaries series. She had shown off her new look during an event this weekend. Now, her hair has got black roots and it starts to fade right until you get ends that are strawberry blonde.

Such a look is totally very different from the kind of style that she usually goes around in. And that has been a total surprise to most of us. We have gotten so used to her usual style that we never thought that she could also get this crazy with her hair. Indeed, crazy it is but it sure does look a lot of good on her. Now, you can always leave a comment if you feel like such an ombre hair look does not look good on our pretty girl friend here.

Kat Graham is not just your usual actress. This girl is also a model and is also a dancer. She is also a singer. Talk about being oh so talented! She has had a lot of projects before but it was her stint in Vampire Diaries that totally brought her to the top.

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