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Celebrities, Ombre Hair, and Hair Extensions

They say that it is not good to look at beauty magazines because they will only make you feel bad about yourself. Well, if we didn’t look at beauty magazines, how would we know the latest thing that is happening in the world of fashion and in the world of hair!

ombre hair color

Our locks are definitely something that we take a lot of pride in and if we want to be part of the glamour and the dazzle that comes with perfect hair. Beauty magazines are the best sources of inspiration.

My favorite look, ombre hair, is definitely on top of most celebrities’ list of hair styles that they would sport around. There are a lot of them who do bring about this type of do and they are really making it work.

salma hayek ombre hair

The problem with ombre hair though is that we have to have our locks dyed. There are girls who are afraid of dyeing their hair because they already had horror stories before when it comes to adding color to their locks. However, this type of style is all about color. It means that you have to have at least two different tones in your hair.

Well, celebrities have a secret. They do not just go to the salon and have their locks colored just because. You can actually make use of their secret. And it is to actually get hair extensions.

hilary swank ombre hair

Yes, hair extensions can help you get the ombre hair you want. You will get longer hair. Plus, you can color the ends of the extensions so you can get that look that you have been dying to get. Yes, it is that simple and not a lot of girls have realized that they can do this. And now that you know, you can get right on and sport around that celebrity style.

The good thing about getting hair extensions is that you do not have to dye your own hair. So your locks would not get damaged any further (if they are already damaged!). Do this and your girl friends will be green with envy. You’ll just smile because you know they’re just hair extensions.

Ombre Hair From A Salon

Dreaming of that ombre hair look is definitely one thing that you have been doing for the past year. You do not know if it is going to look good on you. You do not know if it is going to work well with your stlye. Plus, not a lot of girls in your area have this style – unless, of course, they had dyed their hair and had forgot to do touch ups and so their natural color is showing at the roots. But that is another story. LOL :)

Well, just in case you are wondering, ombre hair is when you actually have two tones in your hair. It is usually described as color fading. It could either be from the roots to the tips or it could be the other way. There are usually two colors on your hair. Celebrities really rock this do and it is usually because they do not have to go to the salon every week or every other week to get their hair redone. It is so natural to look at and it does not take up a lot of your time.

If you are going to a salon to have this done to your hair, you can expect it to be really fast. it is not going to take a long time. What they would do is they would be using foils on your hair. These would be put on the tips of your hair and then the dye would be painted by hand on them. They would let the dye seep in and take the place of your original hair color. And when that is done, they would then give you a shampoo and you are done.

According to those who have had their ombre hair done in a salon, it cost them around $120. But of course, that should depend still on the length of your hair as well as the density. This is always something that you should take into consideration.

It will not take you that long. In fact, it should take you an average of 45 minutes. That is not too long at all. Finally, it definitely is a lot shorter compared to other hair styling procedures.

Perfect Lip Gloss to Match my Ombre Hair

ombre hair

Me Being Artistic :) I am so Artsy Fartsy

Hey Girls,

I can’t believe it, quite a few people are coming to the site now and I am really excited there are so many Ombre Hair enthusiasts out there. I am so glad that you have all taken the time to hang out and read my blog posts.

Now, today I have something a little different to SHARE with you. I have been rocking my ombre hair for about a month now and I have to say I am looking quite sexy. You can see my picture on the right and see for yourself. I am wearing too many accessories I know, it’s a bad habit!

Anyways, I met this sweet guy a couple weeks ago, the first thing he said to me was that he liked my ombre hair so I loved that. Now I have been seeing him ever since haha, I am such a loser.

Thats not all! I happened to come across a new LIP GLOSS that I LOVE! Me and all my girlfriends are using it now, it is the newest lip gloss from Rimmel London (matches my Ombre Hair). I found a way to get everyone a FREE TRIAL, all you have to do is click on the picture below for the deal.

Free Lip Gloss

lip gloss

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That it is it for today girls. Come back and check out my new ombre hair pics that I will be adding. I will also be adding some updates about me and my new boyfriend and maybe some pictures of the hunk if he lets me put them on my ombre hair site hehe. Take care my ombre hair ladies.

Ombre Hair Help Tutorial

ombre hair

Hey girls girls girls, yes you women, I am going to tell you exactly how I achieved my Ombre hair.

I couldn’t be more excited than I am, I have wanted to Ombre my hair for a while now and the reason I haven’t is because I wear hair extensions. I do have hair extensions in right now, I just picked up a new set chestnut brown, close to my hair color. They seem a lot longer than my normal hair extensions. So I went to the store grabbed the lightest brown hair color that I could find and I really just hoped that when I dyed my Ombre hair it matched, and it did!

One key that you should not overlook is that you need to get the Best Hair Dye in order to get the Best Hair Color. I tend to use Loreal because I have women’s hair and they seem to provide hair colors that match the best for me. Make sure you get the Right Brown Hair Color as this is important!

Hair dye can be tedious but it is well worth it and if you get Ombre hair yourself you won’t have to pay money at the salon.I never really get roots when I use hair dye for some reason, my roots always grow back to the same color. My roots always blend in so I have to darken my roots to start.
So first you want to darken your roots like I did. Make sure you get a Ombre hair blending brush or a tooth brush to blend the colors in. Make sure you also use a t shirt that you don’t care about.

  • First brush through your hair. Then get ready to use your dying hair products.
  • Then section off your hair, part the middle and behind your ears.
  • Clip up the bottom part we aren’t dying hair at the start.
  • Then let it all down, go about three inches down with your hair color.
  • Work the hair dye right into your roots and spread it down. You can start about two inches down to start and then comb the hair color down deeper.
  • Use toothbrush to paint on the bleach (hair products) at the bottom of your hair color, you don’t have to be perfect here.
  • Do it section by section and a little more bleach on the ends because you want this to be the lightest part of your Ombre hair. Make sure you go up the same height on both sides of your head, obvious with Ombre hair.
  • You can start to see your Ombre hair get lighter at this point.

There you have it a quick how to get Ombre hair tutorial!