Celebrities, Ombre Hair, and Hair Extensions

They say that it is not good to look at beauty magazines because they will only make you feel bad about yourself. Well, if we didn’t look at beauty magazines, how would we know the latest thing that is happening in the world of fashion and in the world of hair!

ombre hair color

Our locks are definitely something that we take a lot of pride in and if we want to be part of the glamour and the dazzle that comes with perfect hair. Beauty magazines are the best sources of inspiration.

My favorite look, ombre hair, is definitely on top of most celebrities’ list of hair styles that they would sport around. There are a lot of them who do bring about this type of do and they are really making it work.

salma hayek ombre hair

The problem with ombre hair though is that we have to have our locks dyed. There are girls who are afraid of dyeing their hair because they already had horror stories before when it comes to adding color to their locks. However, this type of style is all about color. It means that you have to have at least two different tones in your hair.

Well, celebrities have a secret. They do not just go to the salon and have their locks colored just because. You can actually make use of their secret. And it is to actually get hair extensions.

hilary swank ombre hair

Yes, hair extensions can help you get the ombre hair you want. You will get longer hair. Plus, you can color the ends of the extensions so you can get that look that you have been dying to get. Yes, it is that simple and not a lot of girls have realized that they can do this. And now that you know, you can get right on and sport around that celebrity style.

The good thing about getting hair extensions is that you do not have to dye your own hair. So your locks would not get damaged any further (if they are already damaged!). Do this and your girl friends will be green with envy. You’ll just smile because you know they’re just hair extensions.

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Aside From Ombre Hair…

Hey girls! I have been thinking about ombre hair a lot. Well, most of the time really. And now I think that maybe we should try out something else. Ombre does not just have to be about hair. I think it can be used for a lot of other things.

But of course, as girls, we have one thing that we are totally interested in. Oh yes. Fashion. With that, let us take a look at ombre fashion. Well, I am not sure if there is something regarding this out there but I just made it up today. So bear with me.

So you may be sporting around ombre hair that is the talk of the girls in your neighborhood. And you definitely love the fading style that this is all about. You can actually make sure that you let everybody know that you like how colors fade into another. After all, it is all about the slow change of colors.

Here’s the thing. You can show off ombre fashion for a day. You already have your ombre hair. So you can even show people even more of that trend. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider.

You can find yourself some ombre glasses. Oh yes, these are going to look really good.

ombre glasses


And then you can find something ombre to wear. I know the picture just does not do ombre justice but it does fit the whole thing that I am trying to say here.

ombre clothing



You can also have your nails be part of your whole get up. Just paint them in ombre fashion like so:

ombre nails



We must not forget the shoes. Oh the shoes. Ombre shoes are definitely fun because they are not going to be something you would usually see.

ombre shoes



You can put everything together and maybe have your photo snapped on a good ombre background. Nature supplies the best ombre stuff ever! Like this:

ombre sky


Oh I forgot. You may also have an ombre bag.

ombre bag


And an ombre hat.

ombre hat


Wow. You are now so ombre! Surely, nobody sees ombre fashion everyday. Tell me what you think about these ideas?

kat graham black hair

Kat Graham Sports Ombre Hair Do

Does anybody here not know who Kat Graham is? Well, you should know her! She is currently one of the hottest actors in the industry and you definitely will be seeing a lot of her in the coming years with her kind of talent. And this hot young actress sure has made things even hotter by sporting around ombre hair.

Kat Graham had been sporting long black hair that has been the envy of a lot of people. Her hair was something to look up to and she could easily style it and work it out if she wanted to. But now, she decided that things would have to change. And so she has chosen to go with a different look for her hair. In fact, I was totally surprised to see her having a new do. And ombre hair at that! I didn’t even recognize her!

So this pretty young thing has gotten from this:

kat graham black hair


To become this:

kat graham ombre hair


Nice, right? She is totally rocking it!

This 22-year-old actress is known for her stint in the Vampire Diaries series. She had shown off her new look during an event this weekend. Now, her hair has got black roots and it starts to fade right until you get ends that are strawberry blonde.

Such a look is totally very different from the kind of style that she usually goes around in. And that has been a total surprise to most of us. We have gotten so used to her usual style that we never thought that she could also get this crazy with her hair. Indeed, crazy it is but it sure does look a lot of good on her. Now, you can always leave a comment if you feel like such an ombre hair look does not look good on our pretty girl friend here.

Kat Graham is not just your usual actress. This girl is also a model and is also a dancer. She is also a singer. Talk about being oh so talented! She has had a lot of projects before but it was her stint in Vampire Diaries that totally brought her to the top.

Ombre Hair From A Salon

Dreaming of that ombre hair look is definitely one thing that you have been doing for the past year. You do not know if it is going to look good on you. You do not know if it is going to work well with your stlye. Plus, not a lot of girls in your area have this style – unless, of course, they had dyed their hair and had forgot to do touch ups and so their natural color is showing at the roots. But that is another story. LOL :)

Well, just in case you are wondering, ombre hair is when you actually have two tones in your hair. It is usually described as color fading. It could either be from the roots to the tips or it could be the other way. There are usually two colors on your hair. Celebrities really rock this do and it is usually because they do not have to go to the salon every week or every other week to get their hair redone. It is so natural to look at and it does not take up a lot of your time.

If you are going to a salon to have this done to your hair, you can expect it to be really fast. it is not going to take a long time. What they would do is they would be using foils on your hair. These would be put on the tips of your hair and then the dye would be painted by hand on them. They would let the dye seep in and take the place of your original hair color. And when that is done, they would then give you a shampoo and you are done.

According to those who have had their ombre hair done in a salon, it cost them around $120. But of course, that should depend still on the length of your hair as well as the density. This is always something that you should take into consideration.

It will not take you that long. In fact, it should take you an average of 45 minutes. That is not too long at all. Finally, it definitely is a lot shorter compared to other hair styling procedures.

miley cyrus ombre hair 2012

Miley Cyrus And Her Blonde Ombre Hair

Miley Cyrus ombre hair

This is Miley Cyrus’ latest do.

Miley Cyrus definitely is a great example of celebrities loving their ombre hair. Oh yes. Not only does this type of hair style give them a lot more appeal – it also allows them to just wash and wear it. There is no need to go to the salon every week to get touch ups done. Oh the advantages of this hair style.

And so with summer just around the corner, we have spotted Miley Cyrus sporting ombre hair that is made just for the hotter days ahead. Oh yes, she now has gone blond with her hair style. There are mixed reactions to the whole deal but as for me, I love it! She is definitely rocking the whole do. And she is doing it to an even higher level.

This new look has definitely made her look a lot more mature than she may be. But that could be a good thing as this means that she is growing up (and not necessarily growing old). Plus, it will give people the idea that she is not the young girl that we used to know her to be. She is now growing up and she is turning into a woman.

Miley Cyrus red hair

You can take on Miley’s footsteps. All you need to do is just find that lighter shade that looks natural on you. Do not overdo it. Do not go with really blond that it just does not go well with your natural skin tone. Be aware of that. Just go lighter than usual and do your ombre hair sytle. When you are done, you are definitely all ready for summer.

Miley Cyrus

The tip for summer is to have a lighter shade than what you would most usually have. The lighter your locks are, the more people will say that you are all set for summer. After all, this is the season that most people look forward to. Miley sure seems to be all set on it. She is now modeling her new locks and her new hair color. And she is fabulous!

Miley Cyrus ombre hair

Her new locks may need to grow in a bit more but once they do, this style is going to be totally rockin’!

Is Ombre Hair For You?

Ombre hair. Is this something new to you? Well, not a lot of people realize that they are looking at such. They just think that the hair style that a girl may be having is something that happened because it seems messy and seems like she has had not the time to color her hair well.

The thing is, this type of hair style is actually something that a lot of celebrities prefer to have. The roots are usually darker and bring out the usual natural color. Then, from there, the color gradually becomes lighter until it reaches the ends. This is done through dyeing.

Drew Barrymore ombre hair

It seems like a lot of celebrities are sporting around such a style because it allows her to have hair that looks good without having to go to the salon every so often. A trip to the salon could be done in two to three months just so they could get a touch up. Now that sure gives you a lot of time on your hands.

So now you ask yourself, “Is ombre hair the right type of hair style for me?” Well, there are things that you can take into consideration before you actually take the ombre plunge.

First off, you have to consider the type of job that you have. If you would like to go for the really bold colors, then you first have to make sure that your profession accepts such boldness. There are some jobs that would require you to be a part of the norm. So if your job asks you to be one with the rest of the crowd, then you can go for this style but only use natural colors. Stay away from the really vivid ones.

It is also important that you go for colors that would go well with your skin tone. Some really go for shades that do not go well with their skin tone and so it does not look well overall. You should also consider the type of clothes that you wear.

Jessica Biel ombre hair


Experts suggest that if you want to go for ombre hair, then you go for lighter colors during the warmer season. Cooler colors like ash hues would be great for the cold days.

mila kunis

Pictures of Best Ombre Hair Looks

So lately I have been hunting of the cutest new pictures of Ombre Hair styles to get us ready for spring and I have found quite a few sexy new looks. So without me boring you let me show you some of the cute looks.

Hot Ombre Hair Pictures

mila kunis

Mila Kunis looking pretty!

Lily Aldridge may be my favorite in Ombre Hair

Another shot of my favorite, she is so beautiful here.

See More Pics Go Here

So these were just some of my latest favorite Ombre Hair pictures. I plan on adding some more soon. I have found a bunch and also have a new technique on how to do Ombre easy so stay tuned and check back in soon for that!

Take care girls.

Perfect Lip Gloss to Match my Ombre Hair

ombre hair

Me Being Artistic :) I am so Artsy Fartsy

Hey Girls,

I can’t believe it, quite a few people are coming to the site now and I am really excited there are so many Ombre Hair enthusiasts out there. I am so glad that you have all taken the time to hang out and read my blog posts.

Now, today I have something a little different to SHARE with you. I have been rocking my ombre hair for about a month now and I have to say I am looking quite sexy. You can see my picture on the right and see for yourself. I am wearing too many accessories I know, it’s a bad habit!

Anyways, I met this sweet guy a couple weeks ago, the first thing he said to me was that he liked my ombre hair so I loved that. Now I have been seeing him ever since haha, I am such a loser.

Thats not all! I happened to come across a new LIP GLOSS that I LOVE! Me and all my girlfriends are using it now, it is the newest lip gloss from Rimmel London (matches my Ombre Hair). I found a way to get everyone a FREE TRIAL, all you have to do is click on the picture below for the deal.

Free Lip Gloss

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That it is it for today girls. Come back and check out my new ombre hair pics that I will be adding. I will also be adding some updates about me and my new boyfriend and maybe some pictures of the hunk if he lets me put them on my ombre hair site hehe. Take care my ombre hair ladies.

Ombre Hair Trend DIY

ombre hairOmbre Hair Trend DIY

Hey girls girls girls, yes you women! Thanks for coming to the official website. I am glad you are interested in Ombre Hair and I hope like me that you are getting this stylish women’s trend soon! I look beautiful ever since I got this hair color and style and I am so excited to share all my experiences with all of my readers.

The the Ombre Hair trend is the cutest hair color and style that has come out in years. There are a few different ways to go about acquiring this hair style. You can do it yourself or you can go to a hair salon and have a professional do it for you.

Personally, I like to do things myself so I got a hair dye kit and a few hours later I was looking beautiful with my new Ombre Hair style. If you are not comfortable in doing it yourself, which I wouldn’t always recommend to everyone (practice on your friends first haha). If you don’t want to damage your hair then you should try and get a salon expert to teach you how to do ombre hair or take some sort of a course, like I did in school.

If you are really interested in doing it yourself to get a good hair color but aren’t sure if you have the skills to do your own ombre hair color then just save up a little money and go to the salon, this is always the safest bet.

If you have any pictures of your ombre hair color I would love to see them so leave a comment!